Why Choose Dental Implants?

Missing a tooth is embarrassing.  Yet, the problem is one that millions of Americans experience. The person also experiences speech and eating problems after a tooth loss or extraction. Dental implants offer a solution that make you smile for a lifetime, minus the worry that comes along with dentures and partials.

implant dentistry in Jacksonville

When you choose dental implants, you can take comfort in your smile. Dental implants are placed onto a bridge and do not come out of your mouth. This relieves discomfort, pressure, and concern for patients. You will love your smile more when wearing dental implants, enjoying all the luxuries they offer.

Life is more fun wearing dental implants. You do not experience the same concerns so have more freedom to get out there and do things that make you happy, with those who make you most happy. You can play sports, get out there and do all the things that make you smile, when wearing dental implants.

Speaking of fun, dental implants allow you to enjoy eating all the foods that you love, including nuts and steaks. Try doing this with dentures and your mouth and it may not end the way you had hoped. Why give up eating foods that make you happy when you can avoid that problem with dental implants?

Dental implants are comfortable, look like the natural teeth, and support facial structure and your jawbone, preventing that sunken in face look that a lot of people experience after tooth loss. You can preserve your beauty all the way around the board and it starts with a visit to the dentist for dental implants.

Sure, implant dentistry in Jacksonville costs more than a partial or full set of dentures, but your smile matters. It is worth the added costs when you are more confident in your smile and eliminate the concerns other choices cause. Talk to your dentist to learn more about dental implants.