Tools Found In An Electrician’s Bag

There are many different tools craftsman and tradesman will use on a day to day job.  For many of us, we really don’t use a lot of these tools, but if you were to do some of these tasks, knowing what they were and how they were used would be a great asset.  If you are looking for an electrician or if you are looking to get into the trade, electricians near me in arlington, wa can be a good place to start after learning about the basic tools that they need.

Voltage Meter

The first tool that an electrician will need is a voltage meter.  This device will tell the electrician if power is flowing to a specific device or not.  If it is, then the electrician will know that it is live and power needs to be cut or that a device is working. 

Wire strippers

The next tool that an electrician will need is wire strippers.  This tool will allow an electrician to strip away the protective layer of plastic or rubber that is shielding the wire.  When the wire is bare it can be connected to another wire to start a connection.  It is at this point that the wires meet that allows electricity to flow from one point to another.

Electrical tape

Electrical tape is a special type of tape that is used to shield exposed wire.  This tape is typically black in color and made from a rubbery type material.  The electrician will wrap the exposed wires together using this tape to create a full wire. 

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Caps are another way to secure wires together.  Caps are usually used to connect wires together or to protect the exposed end of a wire.  Caps are twisted onto the end of the wire to create a protected area that won’t conduct electricity.

There are just a few of the tools that you will find in an electrician’s bag of tricks.