Common Pests That Invade Homes During The Winter Season

People feel that winters usually drive pests and rodents away. However, that is hardly ever the case. Winters can lead to many uninvited pests and sneaky rodents. Are you wondering what you should be prepared for? Here is a list!


Despite the common notion, mosquitoes don’t just die off when it is colder outside. Mosquitoes are well-adept in surviving the winters and would most likely come back to annoy you. However, if the mosquitoes are a big problem for you, then you should try calling for mosquito control in Grove City to deal with the problem.

House Mice

No matter what you do, house mice can always be a problem if not treated properly-these nest in dark places, such as in basements or attics. If you leave them be, they would nibble through boxes, walls, books, rugs and would contaminate your house as well. Sealing cracks and regular inspection helps in keeping them away.


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Although termites are considered hot-weather pests, these insects can cause trouble for you even when it is cold outside. Once termites find a place to latch onto, they would continue to infest the area and would create colonies. Termites can cause massive property damage as well.


A handful of ants are not really an issue. But the thing with ants is that these thrive in colonies, which is why if you see a lot of ants around, get some help and get rid of them. Ants, like termites, can cause heavy damages to your property.

Summing Up

Just because the seasons change does not mean that most of the pesky insects would disappear, there’s always a chance that many of the insects create their nests and stay at your establishment without your knowledge.